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Hello, my name is German, a nicotine pouch enthusiast and expert reviewer. I’ve been exploring and analyzing nicotine pouches for several years, providing insights and recommendations to help users make informed decisions. My journey has led me to try a wide variety of brands and flavors, and today, I’m excited to share my thoughts on the Nordic Freeze from Thor.

When it comes to nicotine pouches, Nordic Freeze, a product of Thor, is making waves in the market. Nordic Freeze is available in a variety of formats and is sold in a variety of locations. It’s popular in the EU, but it’s also gaining popularity globally. The Nordic Freeze series makes a slim, moist pouch that is similar to Velo or Zyn Slim and is sold worldwide.

Product Specifics:

Net Weight: 10 grams
Portion Format: Slim Nicotine Pouches
Portion Count: 20 portions
Portion Weight: 0.5 grams each
Nicotine Content: 6mg/pouch

In this review, we’re going to talk about Nordic Freeze, the «cool mint» flavored one. This is a tobacco-free product. When you open the can, you’ll notice a refreshing minty aroma. The pouches are small in size and semi moist. If you’ve had Thor products before, you know what to expect with these. A pronounced flavor profile, pleasant and refreshing. It’s smooth and slightly sweet without irritation and without too salty notes which is the case for some other products. It has a very faint touch of something that reminds me of a cool breeze. The nicotine buzz is definitely there without being overwhelming. In terms of flavor longevity, it lasts around 30-40 minutes.

Wrap-Up & Recommendation:

Nordic Freeze is arguably one of the most pleasantly refreshing nicotine pouches on the market today. This one carries on the Thor name but adds in its unique cool mint flavor. If you’re going tobacco-free but want something that has a refreshing flavor profile, you may enjoy this one.

Expert’s Opinion:

There’s a fine line between overly refreshing, I mean without the too strong burning sensation but deliver a good nicotine kick at the same time. However, some, like this one, are able to bring together the flavor components that remind me of a cool breeze without making a product too pronounced. Thor found a nice balance between freshness, pleasant flavors and at the same time a really good and consistent nicotine delivery. I was quite impressed with this one. I dig what Thor was going for in the flavor profile, and it’s not bad at all!

Overall Experience

In my experience with Nordic Freeze pouches, they’re above average. The nicotine and flavor kick come within the first minute, and I’m able to get about 30 minutes of use before I want to discard the pouch.
Are there any negatives? I was used to slightly shorter pouches and these seem to be a little longer making it harder to move them around in your mouth (for those who do). Other than this, I can recommend Nordic Freeze if the nicotine and flavor options suit you.

Additional Resources

If you are interested in trying Nordic Freeze, you can purchase it here. If you want to stock up, consider the Nordic Freeze Bundle Pack.

For more information on how to select the perfect nicotine pouch for you, check out this comprehensive guide. If you are new to nicotine pouches, this beginner’s guide will be helpful.

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