Les restrictions sur le snus : une affaire à élucider : Comprendre la directive l’UE sur le tabac

Understanding Snus and Its Popularity

Snus, a type of smokeless tobacco product, is widely popular in various regions across the world. It is consumed orally and is considered an alternative to traditional cigarettes. This product has sparked a significant amount of interest due to its distinct method of use and different health implications compared to conventional tobacco products.

The EU’s Stance on Snus

While Snus enjoys popularity in some regions, it remains a controversial product within the European Union. The EU has enforced a ban on oral tobacco, including Snus, since 1992. The prohibition was introduced due to the product’s addictive nature and adverse health effects. However, Sweden stands as an exception to this rule, as it was granted an exemption under its Accession Treaty. The condition was that Sweden could not sell the product outside its borders.

Tobacco Products Directive: A Closer Look

The European Parliament approved a revised EU Tobacco Products Directive in 2014. This new law sought to enhance the rules on the production, manufacture, and presentation of tobacco products within the EU. One of the compelling reasons behind the revision was the alarming health implications of tobacco consumption, which is responsible for approximately 700,000 avoidable deaths in the EU each year.

Impact of the Directive on Snus

This revised directive affirmed the ban on Snus. Member states are not permitted to sell or promote Snus to curb its potential growth and appeal to younger demographics. However, it’s noteworthy that the directive does not explicitly extend to nicotine pouches, leaving room for alternative nicotine products within the market.

The Future of Snus and Nicotine Products in the EU

The continuing prohibition of Snus in the EU has led to an increased interest in alternative nicotine products, such as nicotine pouches. With the ban firmly in place, it is likely that the market for these alternatives will continue to expand as consumers seek out different ways to consume nicotine that align with current regulations.

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